Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Fit Flop

The Fit Flop
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This is not your old eighties summer loving beach romance I'll see you next year flapflapflap as you run away grinning Dr. Scholls.
This $50 sandal will firm your thighs, shape your ass, get you dates and give you perfect posture. I wore mine all summer and the suede is still pretty clean, the sole still going strong and the fit remains perfect.
I feel smarter in this flipflop arriving early for yoga, sauntering the organic produce aisle, getting hit on by lesbians.
All right, I'm kidding about some of that, but this is comfortable, good looking footwear made by a company that cares.

If I was a shoe, I might want to be this shoe... until dark anyway.
check it out:
And now that they're making boots, I may have to do some winter shopping.
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