Friday, November 6, 2009

Peep Toe Bootie, Zipper Up the Back

Am thinking I should have put my foot in one of these to give the correct effect. My foot fetish men would enjoy the bright red big toe poking out the tip.

..and that sounded a heck of a lot more sexy than I intended...
Back to the footwear.

I found them in one of those cheesy trend- only all-imported and made with child labor mall stores that have ZERO class.

( After years of retail, on both sides of the counter- I can say this).

What you should know:
A good store has bi-lingual, pretty staff that is helpful, humorous and likeable.
You want to buy from them, And you will.
The store should have perfect lighting, great music- not blaring- and well thought out aisles/ sections. It's set up to pull you in, and keep you there- color, flooring, upscale materials... all a plus for the finicky buyer. After all- we have a crapload of choices. Make us want to chose you.

That said, this store was none of that-

so I went in , grabbed these off the shelf, slipped one on then high tailed it out of there, stuffing my receipt into my pocket.
I love them.

They're black suede, with a wrinkled/pleated front and zipper back- and a pretty tall stiletto heel that will put me over 6'. I like that.
Great looks, decent price at under $50, and they are surprisingly comfortable... but...I have yet to wear these out of the bedroom.

Okay, that didn't sound right either.
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