Monday, February 15, 2010

In which VD can be a GOOD thing.

It started like this.  Cold, snowy- reminiscent of other houses we'd holed up in much farther north.

It was almost Valentine's Day and my honey said he was taking me someplace special. The practical part of me thought, It's nice to own a four wheel drive vehicle. The impractical part wondered if I'd shaved my legs and if this nice place would be sunny.

But sunshine can be internal, can't it? We bopped around Atlanta, shopping, eating and drinking. making friends in odd places, including a cabbie we called Saleem Dion. We laughed and forgot all about snow and kids and barking dogs and anything that we couldn't change- like taxable goods and a shitty President.  We returned to a room strewn with white rose petals, a chilled bottle of champagne and chocolates that looked like fine art.

I didn't plan a thing and had the best time...
 what did he buy me for Valentine's Day, you ask?

 Well, after 17 years? He knows what to buy.


A gift worth rewarding.
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