Friday, July 9, 2010

When fun interrupts your blogging

I feel horrible. I am a bad bad blogger. My time management skills went on vacation with me and never returned. Sigh.
 Of course, I have taken on yet another project.
 What? You're surprised?? Well, Honey, you don't know me very well then.
I am like an octopus, with an overactive imagination. I am Medusa, except those aren't snakes in my head, those are ideas... story plots, characters, lines and jokes and mysterious red herrings dropped along the way, those are company expansion ideas, travel plans, dreams and maps to reality..with forks in the road. Those are ways I can help other writers, ways I can change people's perceptions, ways I can change my own life for the better.
I know I'm not Superwoman, but I give it a damn good shot, though recently, I am seriously disappointed in my inability to stretch 24 hours into 26. Those two hours could change the world.
 What would you do with 120 extra minutes?

 I mean if Madonna only need 4 minutes to save the world, shit. I could at least save a kitten or something, right?

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