Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Urban Dictionary: girlfriend

mystical creature whose known powers range from clairvoyancy to being able to bleed for a week without dying. a person to have on your side
.... especially on Haunted House night.


If you came to this page because you're a guy googling the phrase, "how to find a girlfriend," you should probably stop here. If you're a mean girl looking for revenge, or trying to steal a guy from his girlfriend, you might want to watch this video.

If you're an adult female who enjoys the company of like-minded women and the occasional night out, read on. You're in the right place.

You know how you have friends for certain evenings? There's the smart girl you take to trivia night. The shopaholic you take to the midnight sales, the gourmand you make sure is on the list when you're headed to a new restaurant... well, my friends are like all of them rolled into one package. And one thing we do well, is our annual drinks and haunted house night, usually followed by more drinks, and sometimes, a massage.

There's usually props.

 and sometimes our hot dates  dress up real pretty for us

 We always scream - which not only makes the rest of us laugh, but tends to scare  large German men- Scheiße!

One year one of us ran from the chainsaw man, slipped, fell, got bumped and bruised and made all the monsters come out of character. The words,  "You okay, Ma'am?" coming out of a hairy, bloody creepy werewolf's mouth are a bit disconcerting... just sayin'

We had a wonderful time as always, even in our seventh consecutive year.

Enjoyed the amazing effects at the houses, the fun banter before, during and after, the singalong car ride, the search for an open bar in a sleepy hamlet. The idea that there's always one who gets drunk, one who gets bruised and at least one inside joke made. 
That's girlfriend time.

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