Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Morning After Pill

I have been remiss in my blogging duties. And even worse? I am not doing the 30 days of shoes this November. Oh. Spank me!
No. seriously. Spank me.

I wold like to take this next 22 minutes. Clock set... to catch you up on the stuff that happened... the morning after, the mornings since I've been unblogged. ( that is a word you know)

Let us begin with:


I was a puppet- doll- girl. And my man was the puppet master. He joked that at least one day out of 365 he gets to be the one who pulls my strings.
 I ran out of time to add the gloved strings... maybe next time.

We went to a party, where we got to see people we hadn't seen all summer and some even longer ago than that. I love going to parties of creative people, as I can always get new ideas... and of course, the repartee is so much more interesting.

  There was an evil Capitalist.

Beer in the beer coffin

Yummy treats and some creepy treats too.

Later, the geek gear came out. Queens slappa'd the bass, mon.  While A Mad Hatter played the rock band drums.

We laughed when we heard that people were stopping into the well decorated party house in error... looking for the party down the street.
 I offered one a beer. They left soon afterward, but pointed int he direction of their friend's house.
So of course, I had to go down the street and se what was up.

Hey, a party is a party, right?
Four of us walked a few houses away, following the sound of music. We walked right into this house:
 ( after I checked the mailbox to learn the owner's name)

Upstairs it was empty..

with lots of, ummm... lonely bottles of booze.


but in the basement.. a spooky unfinished basement there was a lame party- that we crashed, 
and I am pretty sure they missed us when we left. HAHAHA 

We stole the hostess and brought back to our friend's house so she could meet her cool neighbors. Who knows, maybe next year they will combine parties for double the fun.

The next day, We had our own Halloween. Complete with loads of candy and the required minimum of scaring toddlers.

the dog got to be the evil thing that taunts her daily

All in all a wonderful October.
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