Monday, November 15, 2010

Something bad happened. So I had a party.

Call it denial. Call it misdirection.  The party event. It's what I tend to do to escape reality.

Whether the badness comes in the form of a health issue, a lost pet, job changes and moves, or even the sudden death of a friend, I tend to believe in the old adage about busy hands and minds.
I hope it was the right decision to continue with an annual murder mystery party event, one in which our friend had always contributed greatly.

And so we gathered at the house on the cul-de-sac and gave homage to a good man taken way too early, raising him up in spirit on the Island of Mulla Mulla.

The torches to Exile Island

The mandatory fruit machete

Winning the Immunity necklace

Playing the Findit Game

Relaxing in the lean-to


Preparing for the knot tying competition

Fruit, fruit and more fruit

Get a clue......

happy Island man

The Hollywood Hasbeen


Our host: Sean Styles

  The investigative reporter and an ex- Navy Seal

Another challenge...

 Gathering clues, interviewing suspects, trying to figure out where I left my beer

Snuggling up to the competition

the stern attorney gives us game face- all night long

Staying rehydrated, building alliances

Island princess and a rich girl from The Hills

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