Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Three Drafts later... and I'm not talking beer.

I do this whole start one thing, walk out of the room and start something else thing all the time. That's normal right?
 At some point during my day I will return to each location and complete the tasks... usually in reverse order, fold the laundry that I had dumped from the dryer into the basket. take the trash bag all the way to the outside can, instead of the halfway point in the garage, hang up my morning workout jacket and maybe even venture to the kids rooms to finish what they started before the school bus arrived.

I always get a feeling of pride when the tasks are done, and if I am mid multi- task.. I feel a bit panicky, like standing in a cluttered room makes it hard for me to breathe.

When I opened my blog post draft page and saw not one, but three started drafts.. 2 with similar titles, I had to wonder A. what was so important that I never finished them and B. what the heck had I planned on saying anyway.
 So, in typical, I like to clean up and clear up my debris Linda Sands style, I give you belated:

Bunco Christmas Party

It was wine tasting followed by a trolley ride through the cold to a Christmas light display synchronized to music, followed by dinner and drinks ... followed by a DD ride to another house for more drinks, followed by an impromptu trip to a bar, followed by mush dancing and singing, followed by stealing a stranger's phone, followed by somehow making it home and somehow waking up non drunk and non hungover.
 the evidence:



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