Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perks of being a blogger with local blogger friends

You can invited to some pretty cool events. I have been asked to evaluate sports cars, read advance copies of celebrity books, sample wine and travel to places I never would have known about.

Last night, I was able to tap into my technologically creative and organizational side- at the same time- when I was introduced to the personalized card company called tiny prints.

I wish this had been around when my kids were born. Although my personalized chocolate bar wrapper was a hit. It had required a lot of guesswork and I still think the results could have been better.

Tiny Prints makes the perfect big impression for any occasion, but last night we were all about Mommies. 

We chatted and snacked.

we were treated to manicures by Rhonda.

and massages by Mary


We laughed, drank wine, shared our websites, blogs, and contacts, as social moms and mannies do. We told stories about motherhood- our own experiences and that of our parents raising us. We sat on a balcony and welcomed the cool breeze and fresh scent of spring, while the rest of the south was hunkering down in basements, clamping their ears against tornado sirens. 
 Thanks to our hostess dot at and Foodwhirl I hope to keep in touch with the other bloggers and moms I met last night and definitely think we should do this again.
And the best thing was, I made a THE BEST card for my mother today, tinyprints even sent it for me! AND last night, I won the door prize: A FREE Tiny Prints photo book. Just in time for Father's day.

It's not too late for you. Fan tinyprints on Facebook and get a free Mother's day card.

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