Thursday, May 19, 2011

Asking to be liked, feels like middle school all over again.

 Facebook has its glitches, we know this. One of which is the LIKE button, which looks more like a gray/blue thumbs up.

There are certain features that unlock if you have 30 likes, others at 50, some at 100. I really don't understand any of it, especially the way that I cannot LIKE my own page, as the error message tells me I have to dump friends and/or other pages I like. This means I can't send any friends to my page, by suggesting it.
 In a way to circumvent the problem, it was suggested we post private messages to the friend list, a chunk at a time... of course, what this really meant was, a bunch of people got a bunch of notices, emails, replies and generally were harassed- all in the name of Linda wanting to be liked.
 Now, like middle school, I am out there apologizing and apologizing, explaining what I think happened, though I'm not really sure and asking for second chances.
 Does it ever end?

If you understand this feeling, if you see the corn in the poo, if you get what I'm throwing down please, LIKE ME HERE because, I just can't stand not knowing what happens at magic number 1000.
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