Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new bed. Is bigger better?

It's going to mean larger, more expensive sheets and more pillows. But it may also mean sleeping through the night.

 Of course, I am second guessing my selection. Don't we all do this in making large furniture decisions? And I mean that in two ways: large dollar decisions, and large pieces you'll have to live with for a long time.
 I found a site that allowed me to mix and match base and headboard, in effect creating my own style of bed.
 I felt, at first like I was bathing suit shopping, and wondered if I wanted my bottom to be bigger than my top, or ...

Because I am inherently cheap. I thought about making my own headboard and just buying the base. Especially when I saw these:

Hey, I could do all of those. I had already mastered the trompe l'oeil look at another house, and the picket fence one and even the screen behind the raised mattress one.
Building, no prob. Painting, upholstering, also, fun and easy.
 I even found this designer who walks you through a whole DIY headboard under $100 project. Here.

The only thing I'm battling right now, is time.
so, I went with a store bought combo, and will receive it on Thursday. But since today is trash day... I'll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few nights and imagining what I can do to the room to meld old and new.
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