Friday, August 12, 2011

A little interruption in the current broadcast...

Okay People
Let's talk 

We are approaching the Labor Day craziness of Atlanta.
A huge independent book festival with all sorts of literary fun, art, cooking, drinking, music, drinking, writers, parades, kids, art, drinking, books, magazines, lectures, readings and drinking.

 and then, 

there is Dragon*Con

which is... well, kind of hard to explain

most of time, wandering around there, my face looks like this.. see, I'm even pointing to my own face in incredulity. Also, I'm talking to a banana.

It is mandatory to have your picture taken with half-naked men.

 Extra points are scored if you tell a joke to a policeman, and manage to NOT get arrested.

and Hell to the YES, it is scary fun. I am actually looking more forward to this than the book festival this year. Because, you know, the freaks will always be with us. Books? Not so sure.

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