Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Endorsed by a Scam Artist

Can I possibly put a positive spin on this news?
As a novelist in this day and age we are up against so much... the celebrity sexy tell-all, or tell nothing books, the teenaged break out internet star, the guy who puts a popular name under his own and takes advantage of a LOST culture, the has-beens in Hollywood who decide to create a picture book, or one written by their cat.
We look for the hidden door to a seat on Oprah, the brass ring of a chance to make the NYT, actually, anything to get folks Twittering, Facebooking and spreading our name around town like Starbucks coupons... and sometimes, being near the bad thing that happened, or affected by it, or the friend of the person who did the bad thing might be enough.
 So, if I say my book was endorsed by ( see his review notes) an accused dating site scam artist, a guy who bilked millions of dollars from nice Jewish ladies...

will that make you think twice about reading my book? I mean, in a good way, like hey, she knows some interesting people, I bet she can WRITE!
 or do I need to tell you how we went out to lunch and I made him pay?

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