Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling strapped?

IMAG0017 by Another Good Thing
IMAG0017, a photo by Another Good Thing on Flickr.

Some folks feel it in their bank accounts, some in their time management, some in their love lives. And some of us- we get it all at the same time like a big old tight bandage around our chest.
So, yeah. It may appear I am sucking at this whole post once a day for the month of shoes thing- but I have a wonderful excuse. My Kid is sick.
Everyone gets that, right?
If you don't you need to walk away right now. Just walk away until you get to a bridge, then jump.
When things are like that, all messy and wrong and unplanned, we feel that strapped sensation. We are no longer in control and it sucks.

So, I resort to the simple things that are predictable, allowing myself to self soothe with ordinary life details. A cup of coffee. A hot shower. Clean clothes and fitted shoes.

When I put on these shoes.... when I zip up the small inside zipper, I am contained.

They say clothes make the man. If that's the case, then shoes must certainly make the woman.

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