Sunday, January 8, 2012

What happens when writers take over the town. Oh, and 5000 relay runners.

I'm in Key West. A place a friend described as "like New orleans, only classier."
After seeing the guy on the longboard skateboard, with a frozen drink in one hand being pulled through traffic by his dog... I'm not so sure.

Let's start with a few pictures, then I have to go do some writerly things.

 The tiny airport entry with creepy fake people to welcome us to the Conch Republic.  (if you want to know how that came about, check this out.


             This in Duval street. Typical Duval Street.

This is one view of the 3rd place Holiday lights winner's house.... mind you, it's Jan 8.

 And this is one of the reasons I'm here.
 Jennifer Egan

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