Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A great blog post... lost!

I was sitting in the car in the swim club parking lot, waiting for the kid at her lesson, when I had the best idea for a blog post. Quickly, I grabbed my laptop, closed the window on the novel in progress. Heck, that could wait I had to write this blog!
I opened an email window, even though I had no internet, but I figured I'd save the draft and cut and paste from it later. And I started to type. I wrote and wrote, detailing, refining, tuning, elaborating, spell checking and giggling. This was good. No. It was great.
A little bit later, the kid came out, I shut the lid, both proud of my words and my accomplishment. I drove home and did what I do all day- nothing. Hah. I wish.
 A few days later, I checked and saw the blog post was still in the email mode, and I thought I should click on the save draft  button, then post it later on in the day.
Well, I forgot.
 The next day, I think the same thing. This time, I actually open the email itself, and without reading a thing, I hover over the choices above and click- DELETE. What?? No! I meant draft, not delete. I meant SAVE draft, not go away forever, you wonderful wise words. I meant... sigh.
  And so.. I sat there, unable to A. retrieve the post and worse, B. unable to remember what the hell the post had even been about.
 Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus. I am getting old.

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