Friday, February 10, 2012

Things I think are Stupid.. or, tell me when I do this.

  • laziness
  • paying retail
  • Disney World/land
  • parents that friend their kids and their kids' friends on Facebook
  • inequality
  • People who tweet their coffee selection, and timing.
  • Walmart shopping
  • begging
  • child photos that are not you as profile shots
  • black office equipment=static dust attractant
  • angry words
  • movies theaters that cost more than $6
  • people who feel they are superior- in any way
  • printed newspapers (by the time you print&deliver, I've seen it on yahoo)
  • bad drivers on my roads
  • celebrities who make millions and complain about privacy
  • hangovers, headaches, pain, illness, dying friends
  • fat, overfed, under-exercised pets
  • calories in fruit
  • people who say, I'll go there when I'm older
  • failing to believe in the impossible

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