Friday, November 30, 2012

This Week's Crazy Ideas. In case you need one.

After seeing two story ideas come to reality on big screen and TV, my old exercise routine become a popular fad, and the local kids revamp my fashion style of the 70's and 80's, I am once again convinced my ideas don't suck. So here's some more. Remember, you heard it here first.

Reality show where competitors decorate identical homes for holidays.
 Title ideas??

Radio app that selects your playlist based on your mood- or the mood you want to obtain.

Sweaters that are also pants.

Small animal indoor playgrounds made of organic materials- customized to your pet and home.

 Criminal who covers his tracks by planting strange DNA at the scene. DNA collected from sources such as public restrooms, floors of subways, buses, airplanes, hair caught in package wrapping tape... is he a janitor? A mailperson? part of the crew that cleans out airplanes between flights?

A warning sensor worn under clothing to alert one to the level of alcohol in one's system.

Laundry that folds itself.

GPS trekking system for explorers. Acts like a puzzle, giving you a starting point and end zone. You have to figure out the middle.

Travel company that offers last minute fully planned trips for the spontaneous. You select an environment, time frame and a budget: ex: warm, beach, 3 days, $1200, then enter the airport nearest your home, and show up to be surprised.

Automated call system to people you care about. I'd call out more often if the phone was dialed and handed to me.( instead of moving that down and down and down the To Do list)

Secret Door to door exercise professionals. Ding Dong. Time to workout!

Online Library for self published books. Sorted like a real library, with option to find a book based on keywords. Example: You are looking for a book that offers the sort of adventure of Davinci Code, with the dialogue style of Richard Ford, the humor of David Rakoff, the literary styling of Alice Hoffman and the pacing of Dennis Lehane.

 What do you think? Any of these float your boat? Share your great ideas of the week.

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