Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And the days, they pass on by, remembered or forgotten

I may finally be back on track. Sure it took me five months, but, heck, I accomplished a great deal in that time.
 And the lessons I learned? The people I met? The stories I heard? Well, there will be a book to deal with all that. Promise.

Speaking of books. I am on the last tweaking phase on the manuscript that received high praise in NY. Self-imposed deadline means this thing will be out of my hair shortly, and allow me to free up the space for some new projects, like short stories, essays, blogging opportunities and travel writing. Not to mention finishing book two in the Cargo series- something I set aside during rewrites.

 I don't have a robot to keep my addled mind focused, like Frank, but I do have a nice big calendar thingy and colored markers and post it notes. that will work, right?

 On the other hand, maybe I do need a robot.

though, with my luck, I'd end up with an EMO one like this:

 Guess I'll just have to get on with own bad self.
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