Thursday, June 7, 2007

I will show you the world...

Putting the final touches on a family vacation and I have to confess: I love planning.

I think I was a New World Explorer in a previous life, because when I plan a trip for anything longer than four hours, I like to have all sorts of info and maps and possibilities lined up. I'm not like the horrible "scheduled" traveler or the touristy area fanatic. I just like to have options. For instance, knowing that The Pope only gives audiences on Wednesday mornings is important if I'm getting to Rome on a Tuesday, and a bummer if I'm arriving on a Thursday. And if i am traveling to a dry county or on a Sunday, I like to have vodka.
So, as we take our kids to Pseudo Europe.. that is a Europe with bright sunshine and white sandy beaches... AKA The Islands of the West Indies, I need to be prepared. This morning I avoided the hurricane tracker and the predictions of rain, and instead read 5 bad ( disgusting ) reviews of one of my hotels and decided to pull out. I am now scrambling to find a replacement in the Dutch area of St Maarten for one night prior to departure that will take kids and is not mold or roach infested.
On the other hand, I have already booked the house and pet sitter and started to pack, as it will take us at least 4 days to compile all the things we think we'll need, only to have me run through and cut it all in half the day before. We are trying a new strategy this trip abroad with carry-ons only. Thank you ROSS for inexpensive carry aboard rolling luggage.
Now I just have to fill in the travel calendar with the information for 8 separate flights, make passport copies, and brush up on my French.
"J'ai besoin de sucre immédiatement!"
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