Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's cool to READ, people.

Men who read are sexy. As long as they are not reading self help books. Books can hold up plywood and make tables. They can boost the leg of a rickety table and kill large bugs. They can also allow you to abandon housework and lose yourself to reality. I like to use them like I use my headphones... lalala I can't hear you. I'm READING. Plus, I try to be a better writer by being an excellent reader. Even the bad writing teaches you things. The good writing keeps you humble.
I added another great read to my sagging shelves when I went to drink martinis with Karen while this pal signed her 4th book and charmed the pants off anyone who happened to be wearing pants. Patti Callahan Henry is almost as adorable as her Dad, George. A guy with the softest hair I have ever felt. What was that conditioner, again?
I loved how some of the avid readers attending had no idea they were asking this famous author to take their photo. this is why you need to glance at the book jacket, or lurk the author's website. Mary Kay is not just make-up. She's Kathy Trochek and she's a junker. I wish I was her neighbor.
I understand the "wow" factor when readers and writers connect. I have even started my own collection of Me and The Author photographs for The Wall of Fame in my office. Before I add them to this blog.. here's a few teasers.
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