Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Preparing for one of the scariest things a girl can do.

Get her haircut by an unknown stylist.

I am not exaggerating when I say I have not have a FANTASTIC haircut since 1984. I did a stint as a Clairol model and got the best stylists flown in from all over, using the newest techniques with the best products. People stopped me at gas pumps to ask where I had my haircut. I swear, I was stopped 6 times a day by men, women, old ladies and teens-- and I was never able to find anyone to duplicate the cut-- never mind that I was bleached, permed, cut asymetrically and styled to my teeth in 24 hours.. but still. I mean these people are professionals, right? SOMEONE should know what they are doing.

That cut, like the other passable few I have had was done by a man. Gotta say, they are the best. Maybe it's just me, but I swear, some of these female stylists do a venge thing on my head. I must remind them of the girl in school that teased them for their orange hair or overly teased brows.

I ran away from salons when they kept screwing up. I hated paying all that money, wasting all that time and listening to all that drivel, when I could do a better job at home, so I grew my hair long again, cut my own bangs and bought a case of Nice and Easy- varying the shade with the state I lived in at the time-- it was fine, until I decided I was getting old enough where long hair and bangs was just too teeny bopper or iwannabeapornstar.. so, last year for my bday I got a nice cut by a girl at SALON124- a place I researched thoroughly. I went in there and talked to the girl for 30 minutes before I let her touch my hair. But, I still left there feeling I didn't get what I wanted, especially when she kept warning me the next time she'd go shorter. 2 months after the cut I really liked the hair.
So maybe that's what I need to say, "Cut my hair so it looks like it is almost grown out." Can I ask for JBF hair, or is that considered uncouth?
Wish me luck as today, I am going armed with photos of the cuts I like, on real people, of the photos of my hair when it came out okay and the one crappy cut I got from a guy at DASS last November -- and I am saying , "I reserve the right to walk out at any time, and let's agree on how much an inch REALLY is."
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