Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Camp Verdict from THE GIRL.

So THE GIRL, my beautiful auburn haired freckle-faced 9 year old goes to Christian Camp from Monday morning to Friday morning, in Covington GA.
She gets a top bunk and the top drawer of the dresser, plus an adorable counselor with two first names. She is happy.
When I pick her up she tells me what a great time she had, including being in a TALENT SHOW.
Then she says."And this guy came and we all sang the Itchy Beaver song."
"Really?" I say. "How did that go, exactly?"
She sings, "If you've got an itchy beaver, give it a scratch.. ch-ch-chee..."
I am not kidding.
Then she says, "Oh, and these boys went on stage for the talent show and they sang this song about a highway. Do you know it?"
I say, "Maybe. Sing some of it for me."
She sings,"Hey mamma, look at me, I'm on my way to the promised land...." She's sitting there strumming her air guitar and whipping her hair around, adding in a little head banging too, and all I can think is how much I wish I could have gone to church camp as a kid and how much I need my own getaway to the promised land.
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