Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Camp Verdict from THE BOY to all the BOBS out there.

When you're older, you may not be wiser, but church camps are willing to take you for a longer time frame, especially if they think they can turn you into a pretty little Methodist.
So, THE BOY goes to camp from Sunday day to Friday night, and pretty much gets rained out of the best activities, but still gets to buy candy, shoot arrows and take mud baths. When we go to pick him up he says,"Hey, you guys look different."
I was thinking the same thing but, being an adult and all, didn't say it.
We steal him away and ask about his week. He says he learned a lot and feels closer to God.
I can see he is calmer and more patient. I start thinking about a reality show that I can pitch to FOX. Church Camp Saved Me. or Those Methodists Scared the Hell Out of Me.
He says one of the counselors claimed he saw an angel and that he was the most beautiful man in the world. I asked which bunk the counselor was sleeping in and did he share the mushrooms with anyone else?
Well, I would have, but I didn't want to ruin the moment, The world is cruel enough.

I started to wonder if Methodists have a good sense of humor, because God knows you need one in our house... when my quiet, polite newly born BOY says, "I bought this necklace."
He shows us a cool Celtic triquetra pendant on a nice chain. "It has a lifetime guarantee."
"Yeah, but there's something kind of funny, Mom."
"What's that?"
"It says it was designed by Bob Siemen."
We laugh.
THE GIRL says, "What? Why is that funny?"
I say," It could be worse. His name could be Richard."
BOY laughs.
GIRL laughs.
BOY says, "Why are you laughing? You don't know what we're talking about."
GIRL says, " Yes I do. Richard is a much funnier name than Bob."

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