Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't you just LOVE IT when things CLICK?

I recently finished the major overhaul of my manuscript, We're Not Waving, We're Drowning. It feels perfect this time.
Well, as perfect as it can feel until it gets edited by my pre-readers and then eventually an agent and a few more editors.
But I can feel it. That CLICK. A feeling that was reiterated when I watched this movie the other night, where they could have quoted about a bazillion other poets, but they quoted this gal, and used her poem, Not Waving, Drowning, a poem that I hope to able to reprint when my manuscript becomes a novel. It is very cool- the click. Like knowing you were right before anyone tells you and feeling so content that no one needs to tell you.
On my new WIP, 100 pages in, I am productive, but a bit harried. It is too much fun and I gave myself way too much leeway. I may end up with 2 novels out of this material, but I tell you, I still feel the click.

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