Tuesday, July 3, 2007

scare you away

scare you away
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People who know me, know I leave no stone unturned when planning a party. I'll change light bulbs to make the color right, pull artwork from the wall, move furniture into other rooms and steal, er borrow thematic music to set the mood. I'll serve food that fits, dress accordingly and encourage others to do the same.
If I plan too early I will have way too much time to add thrift shop and hobby store elements and from my early desire to be a set designer, I'll have you walking into the wild west or technical board room or like last week, A SURVIVOR set, complete with thunderstorm, rain and saggy roof, missing only the naked fat man and a bunch of drunk people. Oh, wait. I had those too and enough mind games, cheating and lying to make you think you really were on Survivor.
Add in a midnight romp on the internet and some bad singing and girly moments, and you'd want to be stranded with us for 37 days.
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