Thursday, August 23, 2007

My secret love

I love cars.
If I had a lot of money I'd have a lot of cars.I'm a wannabe car enthusiast.
I wish I knew enough to buy a classic junker, fix it up and enter it in a parade.

As it is, I think someday I will buy the classic junker and pay someone else to fix it up for me. Pimp my dream.
I shop for cars at least once a week online.
I have my favorite (secret) sites, and I have my favorite cars.
The Audi tt,(when it still looked like a bullet), the Porsche Cayman and 911, red and white 1957 Corvette, any older Mercedes 450 SL, the Jaguar XKR- I found a 1960's era Jag online from Colorado not too long ago that had the coolest switches over the windshield, like a cockpit, but the 1959 XK 150 roadsters really melt me.
I love unique, fast cars. I especially love unique writing about fast cars.

Here's a sample from my fav car mag, Winding Road about the Lamborghini MurciƩlago LP640 Roadster. (By Chris Paukert, Issue 18, March 2007)

“Simply put, our retina-flambeing wedge is a parade of one, causing even jaded Californians to exhaust their camera phones’ memory cards. Children crane their necks and bounce effervescently in an effort to get another look. Women in BMW Z4s who otherwise wouldn’t let you hold the door for them nearly hurl their reproductive organs upon the Lambo’s windshield, fawning and mouthing illicit nothings at stoplights as they try to figure out why you’re important enough to warrant such a magnificent automobile."
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