Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another reason I'd rather eat at home.

I have this thing about eating out. Usually it’s just a pain in the ass. You have to eat ONLY what THEY serve, the way they serve it. You have to PAY them and You have to WAIT. You can’t sit where you want in the most comfortable chairs and you can’t choose your dinner companions. You have no idea how the meal was actually prepared or what has happened to it from the kitchen to your table. In other words, you are not in control.

You also can't stop your kids from having this conversation:

In some countries it is considered polite to rest your elbows on the tables.
In some countries it’s polite to do this: BU-uurp.
Ok, quit complimenting the chef, and get your elbows off the table. We aren’t in either of those countries.
I wish there was a country where it was polite to fart. Because I would be the most polite kid in the universe.
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