Monday, October 1, 2007

Hot Date Night- followed this day out.

Hot Date Night
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After an evening with the Bunko Broads in togas, eating tzatziki dip and feta cheese, I bounced back with a trip to a dairy farm. Because what cures a wine-laden head better than raw milk and cow slobber?

It was the kind of drive that would have been fun to take Hans/Sharon on because there are windy roads and hills and slow cars to blast past, but the words: dirt road, manure and kids convinced us to take the Durango.

Piper enjoyed the hay ride.

Colt milked his own fingers, and you could just see his mind going to work...

The(phase 2=more difficult ) corn maize was almost too easy as Colt and I blew through it in 18 minutes, then waited for hubby and daughter to resurface. ( they had to ask for help 3 times and still were 11 minutes later than us.) and wee even stopped to take fake pee pictures.

Best part was the calf barn.

Though the pig race was something with Cecil and Boss Hog.

All in all a fun day, rounded out with a stop at the Army-Navy Surplus store.

I almost bought that helmet thinking it would go well with the magic boots, but decided to save my money and spend it on a nice dinner out with the hubby. I drove him around in my new toy, wrapping it around me like an expensive aluminum accessory that matched my stilletos perfectly. The hubby was just arm candy. The Nav system saved us from potential arguments and the fact that I had loaded some of hubby's fav music on an SD card that Sharon can read, had me in good graces, add the flight of pinot noir and a hunk of pork and he was a happy man.
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