Monday, October 8, 2007

If I could choose my misfortune

Do you ever have days where you think, it just wasn't worth getting out of bed today? Do you ever feel like as you're driving down the road dodging idiots masquerading as licensed, insured drivers ---that you need to go home and stay there?
If I could choose my misfortunes they would all surround material possessions. Replaceable things. Items that don't cry.
Today, I saw in that little blue eye in the middle of my forehead, a really bad thing happening.

There was a guy 50 feet up in a tree in my yard, five guys on the ground, limbs flying everywhere, a tree chipper echoing through the culdesac that could take off Godzilla's tail without blinking and a crew of irrigation"Specialists" wielding a machine with a HUGE trench cutting saw blade.
Help me Jesus. I had a number of potential disasters to pick from.
Then one of the guys asked me to pull Hans-Sharon out of the garage so he could look at the plug on the ceiling, I winced. My little man, my blue eye throbbed.
Um, No. I don't think so, I said, Not until the trees are down and the coast is clear.
He laughed, then ran a sweaty hand over Hans-Sharon's ass. I don't blame you, he said. It can wait. I buffed out his fingerprints and closed the garage door.

Later he came to the door to have me walk the property for the sixth time. I warned him of buried cables, underground speaker wire, dog shit, all the things I needed to tell him and he went back to work. An hour later I hear him on the phone to his Supervisor, "I didn't know it was a cable. I thought it was a fucking root. You know, one of them orange ones, like for them orange trees?"

Let's see how long it takes to get my phone line and cable TV and internet back up.
( this is going out over a wireless feed courtesy of the mystery neighbor. )

Let that be the worst of my misfortune this week, as I go under the knife in the morning, hoping to breathe better in a week or less, and get a softer profile added in. I love my ENT.
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