Friday, October 5, 2007

Reverse Psychology

It never fails. If I want it to rain, I just have to pay to have my car washed- or purchase a sprinkler system.
The Georgia Drought should have made me feel guilty to order and plan the install of an irrigation system, but I lived in CA during worse drought conditions where we were advised to and later earned kudos from our water department when we took two minute showers and drank bottled water.
SO, what's the difference in me stopping all baths, using bottled water, shortening shower times-- all reducing water usage from inside my house and instead watering my lawn, killing insects and keeping dirt, dust and dead grass debris out of the air?

Watering my lawn should be the least of my illegal activities.

Yes, after years of lawn maintenance people, years of me dragging ineffectual sprinklers over my lawn, only to have hundreds of dollars of fertilizer and grass seed blow away or fail to germinate because of poor watering, I decided to bite the bullet. In the next few weeks, we will have irrigation, landscaping and tree removal. We might have a decent lawn for the first time. Next year, I'll have to work on hiring the Mexicans for maintenance, as my gift to the hubby.
Then, as reverse psychology works, we'll probably rent out this house to some anti-gardeners and see it all go to shit.

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