Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Landscaping complete. Now raining in Georgia.

This is the front BEFORE. Actually AFTER husband paid a guy a grand to haul in dirt, lay sod and smooth out the Bermuda. Still, it wasn't very nice. Now it looks like this:

and this closer to the house, where a pine and a cherry tree were taken away, plus a lot of downed limbs between the houses:

In the back, our amazingly flat yard flanks 5 properties which can make it seen not too private, but the fence and the trees always gave us good cover, unfortunately, the overhanging trees were too much for the grass. This is before:

and after

Then there was the middle bed, that fronted the putting green and hid the corner compost pile where the winter bunnies live. I wanted to pull it all out and put in a pool. But this isn't our forever house. Overgrown before:

where the putting green used to be:
back side of bed, replanted:
With the sprinklers, most of this will be easy to maintain. All we need now is more sod to finish off the right side and a few monthly visits from Jorge. I'm pleased with my first attempt at landscape GC. More pleased that I didn't have to do it myself. If it took 10 guys 24 hours to do this.... what would it have taken me?
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