Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Netherworld. Nevermind weekends.

So we did our annual trek to the haunted house - where we parked next to a REAL LIVE- I SEE DEAD PEOPLE HEARSE-- For the first time ever we went on a Friday night. The idea was, we would be waiting in line, sure, but there would be better places to go afterward and the night could go on longer, and there would be no pbj sandwiches to make in the morning. All in all a good plan, except for the part where the Netherworld folks shove so many people into the haunted houses at once, that they can't spook everyone-- halls and halls of missed creepy opps as our eyes got adjusted to the dark and we caught up to the group ahead of us. Then we were just a mass of people in a stiffling hot hallway yelling, Push forward, Go Go! it's freaking hot in here- move! It wasn't fun anymore.
Best part was the dark wall/hall/maze.. lots of laughing, until the guy opened his cell phone and used it to light our way out... CHEATER!
The houses were REALLY well done this year and the monsters, as always- too much fun. Andrea and I had fun with the monster hanging in the outhouse... the secret to not waiting in line to pee, is to go into the monster inhabited outhouse.. and come to think of it, there was only a trough, not a toilet...

We started the night at a new Mexican place, where they advertised live music, but had none and where they served us Alphabet Soup as our starter: I got YIP.

We drank Margaritas, ate chips and told stories. I bought this because where else but a Mexican restaurant can you buy candy in a syringe? Though it looked a little like something else.
No one I asked could tell me what it meant, but I still thought it was funny and found this later, also a warning from the health department that it may contain lead. Wonderful.

After the spookhouses, and one bloody elbow we drove closer to home, all the while commiserating that we lived in the sucky suburbs and there was no place decent to dance, and most of the other places we'd been to had been closed down beacuse of health issues or shooting or such minor inconveniences...then I remembered this place where the band plays Ramones covers, the patio is large and Andrea can get lost 18" from our table making Ronna save her from her newfound friends:
We drank and danced and said No alot then met the man with the best shirt in the world.
well, second only to my "when girls drink too much" shirt.
Next year, we're back to weekdays with a well-laid plan for afterward, and an early start. I wonder how the drug lords fared without us?
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