Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BlogHer Question of the Week: Holiday Shopping

Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?
That's the question.
The way I approach holiday shopping has a lot to do with paydays. I don't believe going into debt to celebrate the birth of The Savior is a really keen idea.
I don't like malls because they give me too many ideas. I don't like crowds or lines or fake sales, so if it costs me more to ship it to my house but I bought it in my sweats at 4AM while drinking hot coffee. I am cool with that.
If I shop too far in advance, I'll forget I bought it, or where I stashed it, and rarely can I wait the three months to give it up or use it.
I have a list in my purse for the things the kids want that I can pick up in three stores in less than an hour- that will constitute the Christmas shopping day for me and hubby- so he can feel like he had something to do with the end result on DEC 25, but really, that day is just an excuse for us to go out for sushi.
I have been collecting gift cards all year, as rewards and have over 450.00 stashed away. Since the PS3 arrived last week, I can call Christmas shopping 98% complete. All I need now is the lock on the closet door.

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