Monday, November 12, 2007

The fly on the wall went deaf. And dumb. And blind.

We had a fabulous Super Hero Party.

There were costumes and weapons and boobs and glowing ball sacks and drinks and singing and laughs laughs laughs and a full taco bar with lots of left overs-- oh yeah-- it was all good....except...

The Murder Mystery part was pretty disastrous. This was the first year we tried to do a fully ad-libbed and unrehearsed shtick--( though it was run through-minorly beforehand, and fully prepped months in advance with guest lists and assignments, then more weeks in advance with the emailing of lines and scripts and clues and character hints and changes and ideas) all offered with the adage: "don't worry- it will be fine to just adlib."

Unfortunately, this meant to most of us-- get shit-faced, scribble some lines on a note card that you won't be able to find, get lost in the kitchen when you're supposed to saying those lines then jump in a half hour later and shout some nonsense about a secret MEMO!

Hmph. It was no wonder our patient and ever so intoxicated super hero crimesolvers were a bit confused... what with people wearing candy pants and half-naked men and glowing sea urchins and She Ra and mattress pad mummies and feathery women and a stapler shooting office supplier, I mean you'd turn around and get whipped or bitten or have to do shots with a robot or listen to a street rat curse out a perfect gentleman... What was anyone to make of the Mysterious Mysta and the Indian woman with the pillow fetus? Screaming Mimi never screamed and the cobra kept his snake safely in his pants, so some of the pictures will make it up here. But some, may be up on a whole' nother website...

After we tortured- I mean, entertained our guests, we had a viewing of the original Batman and Robin movie with commentary by Adam West and Burt Ward followed by karaoke, with Robotron doing his thing.
and by the end of the night, I was only missing 3 Smarties off my pants. I would say that deemed the party a success.
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