Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I know you didn't get enough last time.

Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words.
She-Ra and Dr. Nathaniel Essex

Deadpool and Cable. For all you non-comic readers, all of the crime solvers were selected from REAL comic books. I was so proud of everyone's costumes and how they worked it to their advantage.
Giving your hero a shot!
Disarma broke out into song - disarming some--and keeping others on track. He was GREAT!

Three pretty Superheroes, three great ladies.

The video shot that night is SO funny. Apocalypse did a fab job interviewing and filming.
There has been a request to show all four years of taped parties as a new party... not sure we'd be able to keep all these people in one room long enough- but maybe with some editing we could show highlights... we are already thinking about next year and how we can get EVERYONE involved with speaking roles and contests... hmmm. maybe a REALITY SHOW...
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