Friday, November 2, 2007

Undecorating sucks.

People that know me, know I love to decorate- to set the scene- to make a theme. Each of my rooms has one, when I get dressed to go somewhere i think of one in my closet. I even initiated the "theme" nights for our monthly bunko meetings. yeah, my life is one big play.
it's cool when you're SUPPOSED to be thematic-- like for Halloween. not so much when you are pushing the envelope and dressing as a camel for Hump Day.
Bummer is the "after glow." Undecorating is like sex without snuggling.
There are cobwebs to remove.
and pumpkins to trash, and blacklights to store and foggers to empty...

Sure it was fun. It's always fun... but I wish I didn't have to clean up.
( now there's an employment opportunity... hmmm.)

I was able to dress up vicariously through my daughter, as she pawed through the costume trunk, bypassed the genie outfit and pulled out a Frederick's of Hollywood cheetah costume complete with tail.
"This one!"
"You'll need a shirt under that."
"Or some fake boobs."
"How about a black turtleneck?"
My mother would be so proud.
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