Monday, December 3, 2007

all the pretty horses -and boys

MONDAY MISSION: high school note

HEY gi-irl!
I like totally forgot to call you yesterday, DOH. I was still spinning from the cool night at the castle with my fam. Sometimes the old man can be such a dink,- SPED! but that night he totally let me go off on my own and I met these two girls from Cartersville who like raise horses and ride them and shit like that. Their dad was there and he must have felt guilty about something because he was buying them whatever they wanted, like that cool huge drink glass that I wanted when we went there the last time, remember? I hate wearing those paper crowns though. LAME.
I saw two of the bar wenches in the bathroom putting on makeup and talking about going out afterward. I thought you were supposed to talk OLD English ALL the time??!! WTF?
Over by the owl window, I made a joke with one of the totally hot long haired guys in the robes, about the trumpet sound being a good alarm clock sound and he said that was one alarm clock that would end up across the floor! Hah. I bet he really wanted to kiss me. DO you think they have to be hot to work there? LOL One of the guys could ride horses really well, but had short hair. BTW If that was me, I'd wear a wig- a cool one.
Anyway, once we got inside and the lights went all dark we started talking about how you could kill someone in there and it would be like a CSI episode, you know? Like how those servers with that freakin' hot soup say it's like dragon eyes and newt's feet? And really it was like some poisonous mushroom? Or what if you pushed someone over the edge when the horses were galloping by or if like last year when all those pregnant girls at that school in California were killing themselves... what if it was like that and they all decided to like dive into the arena?
ew. That would be gross.
Gotta go
My mom is totally on the rag about my room and if I don't clean it I won't get that rockin' IPOD touch for Christmas.Which would suck.

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