Friday, December 14, 2007

The parties start right now.

I'm a slug.
I don't have a job that offers an employee holiday gathering and my husband usually attends the few inconvenient ones he's invited to, solo. His own company doesn't do any sort of formal party, being cheap and mostly Jewish, or maybe it's a timing thing,I don't know-- at any rate, I haven't had a chance to dress up and mingle with other couples for Christmas for years... so I make my own gatherings. Today I'll lunch with some gal pals and tonight the Bunko Broads go out for dinner and a gift exchange, theme: forbidden delights
Oh, yeah. Look out.

....followed by a bar bash with some guys who found me on MYSPACE.
Yes, They found me, this is them.
I am honored.

Saturday I have another writer's thing, more on the listening end, not so much on the partying, but Sunday we're back to the social scene hosting the hubby's footballviewing/winetasting/wing eating/yardgames/pictionary/birthday party.
Wish me luck.

Enjoy your weekend and
this from my favorite newspaper, The Onion.
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