Monday, February 18, 2008

I don't ever regret a weekend.

It started off perfect--a quiet little date night out in Virginia Highlands, drinking fine wine and eating fab Italian, then racing home to an empty house. Sleeping in, lounging around. Reading in a sunny corner. *sigh*
Then. We. Entered. The. Twilight. Zone.
We went to a party where people tried to insert dog heads up their ass, while black booted women fell to the ground- twisting their limbs into impossible shapes.Blurry women lost their pantyhose while dancing- PANTY being the operable word here.There was sucking and blowing. Girl A is delighted to know Girl B does NOT have the flu.
There was whipping for the people who broke the glass shelves, and for the ones who had nothing to do with the glass shelves but just happened to be in whipping range- and liked it.And there was a visitor who brought joy- and maybe, if I am being honest- a little icky feeling. Where part of you wants to ask, "Why?" and "Oh, Honey, does your mother know where you are?" Because sometimes, you've lived a life that lets you look at things like that and say, I totally understand what you are going through and you aren't lying a bit.
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