Monday, March 31, 2008

A dud. But wait, found money.

Hello Internet. Can we talk?
So my weekend was pretty much a dud. Bunko was tame, a new found bar was tagged with potential, but didn't put out where I was concerned. hrmph. I was a bit depressed - some kind of bio-rhythm/former life trauma it might have been me.
A little shopping helped. Thank you Macy God. And the lights out thing was good. Happy endings and all that. Speaking of which- The Chinese food from the place was cool- you order online from 5 restaurants, pay with credit card and they go pick it up and bring it to you for 5 bucks. Awesome when you're in the middle of back to back movie time with August Rush and Gone Baby Gone.
Then I had a great workout, took a yoga class and found a $5 bill with a stamp.
Now I have something new to do when I'm supposed to be writing.Oh, no I'll still bop around with you, internet, don't you worry.

This month's winner is up early at scratch.
My winning entry for the Harvard dude's book won't be published online after all due to some problem with lawyers and rights... read assholes and what rights? but he said I can use his name on my resume and add the win to my list- cool. Now maybe I can guilt the guy into writing me a recommendation for Breadloaf... at least I can go sell that piece elsewhere-- oh, and my novel rewrites are a good 3/4 done. whew. I will feel deserving of Spring Break next week. AND my gal pals from high school are planning another getaway. Destination Unknown. See, internet. you do help. I feel so much better.
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