Friday, April 18, 2008

The BUCKET at the beach

I have this thing about names. I rarely use them- at least the proper ones- which is maybe why I do so well in cyberspace where everyone has an alter ego. Sometimes the names I give to people stick, certainly the names I give to animals do, as my entire family now refers to this dog as BUCKET. Sometimes she is Bucket Head, Bucket of Fluff, or Fluff Bucket, at times even Missy Bucket Pants, but I won't go into that here. i tend to add PANTS to any number of name combos, try it , it works with anything..
I tried to name her Chickapee as we passed the town sign ( I wonder who lives THERE?) in the car on the way home, but my son wasn't buying it. Technically, if there is such a thing in the dog naming world, her name is LUCY-- a name we found to be ever so popular with female dogs in the south, so popular that it turns me off. She answers equally well to Cicero, though that sounds too much like my sister's dog, Cisco- and we are all about the uniqueness of the pet name here.
I will admit, dear internet, I keep a list of names in my journal- animal appropriate names, much like the list I made each time I was pregnant.
Top of the list right now? A Harlequin Great Dane named STORY.

**And cool aside? I just learned that my new friend, the writer and musician Daniel Grandbois used to go by the stage name Danny PANTS.
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