Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The last day of school=Panic

Today is the last day of school for kids in Georgia, and I've let another year go by failing to fulfill my selfish desire--to return to bed after the kids leave.
I'm not sure WHY I can't do it. Something to do with the long list in my diary or the constant flow of ideas I can't shut off. It's not that I can't sleep. I've never suffered from insomnia, Thank God. I guess I'd just feel LAZY going back to bed for no real reason and lethargy breeds lethargy- so I fear once I'd lay down, that would be it- the end of my productive day.

Yesterday, during an impromptu MOMS MORNING IN party, after movie, mimosas and lemon drops and pastries a friend joked that she'd be ready for her nap by 1:00. It's weird, but I can't understand the whole long nap thing- especially when people do it in a chair or on a couch...if you're tired, drink coffee, exercise- or if you're sick and tired? Go to bed. Right? My family was never the napping type.
Don't get me wrong. Sometimes a nap is necessary. I used to be the queen of the cat nap. 10 minutes between jobs and I'd be good to go another 7 hours, serve another annoying crowd of drunks- and then go out partying afterward, but I've changed. I no longer need to work from 5-2 then 5-8 then 9 to 2.

My new schedule is more like write for 3 hours, do family stuff for 2 hours, write for 3 hours then do household stuff for 3 hours, personal stuff for an hour, more family stuff for 3 hours, watch TV for 1-2 hours then go to bed and read for an hour then sleep for 6. It works for me and I can't tell you how much work I get done in a quiet house when the whole rest of the world is sleeping. But my list is never completely crossed off...

Maybe tomorrow I'll convince my pea brain that it's Saturday and sleep in.

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