Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Vishnu and David tear out your bathtub.

You might think it's a good thing.
Because A. you don't have to do it.
and 2. you've actually convinced the husband it was a smart idea to put more money into a house you'll be leaving in 2 years or less.

You might believe the timing is fantastic.
A.Kids out of school, no one needs to be picked up or dropped off or shuttled around
until you remember
B. you have a list of errands that include buying supplies for said bathroom
and C. your dogs like people but
3. Guys named Vishnu and David may be deathly afraid of dogs- and snakes.

You might imagine it would be impossible to get any real work done at your desk, in the room very near the LOUD theater room and pretty much below the in-demolition mode bathroom,
A. wow. as Dora would say, "You did it." You finish over 100 pages of manuscript revision, and pay all the bills while emailing friends
and 2. Not only that, but you worked longer than usual because
4. those strangers in your house made you stay in your chair, and kept you away from the laundry that calls your name and the Belgium beer that woos you.

So now you can
F. open that expensive bottle of wine that was given to your husband as a gift by the guy that has a Cayman AND a Cayenne ( I think he's me in boy clothes)
G. order pizza and push the son's girlfriend out of the recliner to watch Will Smith in I AM LEGEND or WALK HARD or
6. Check out the Favorites site at your real estate agent's page and highlight those pretty pretty houses with pools and acres and guest cottages and fully remodeled bathrooms with subway tile and shiny white bathtubs that Vishnu from Barbados would love.

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