Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love the one you're with.

emily giffin
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My friend, Emily Giffin's new book is out.
Go buy it.
I went to her book launch last night and saw all the pretty people. I go to a lot of these things, calling it research, and networking. Building friendships with people who usually hole up in coffee shops or basement offices with fictional characters is hard.
At these events I usually end up taking home some great ideas for when it will be my turn- for MY book... last night, with positive reports from two NY agents ringing in my ears, I was able to ALMOST see myself behind that stack of books. ( I have done a few small signings for anthologies, but nothing like my REAL author pals), I can't even call myself an author until I see my name on the book cover on the bookstore shelf... the novel is just a manuscript until it gets sold, and I'm just a writer, until I get that check.
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