Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Model has BOOTY, and Seeing DOUBLE.

Good to see a regular gal get recognized for her beauty. Good one, Tyra.
Now let's see how long it takes for the fashion world to ask Miss Whitney to lose some weight.

On the OTHER American show- the one WE get to vote in... it's the duel of the DAVIDS. Both my pick from the beginning, one because he's great and the other because he'll get sympathy votes. Wonder if they take wagers in Vegas?
Somewhere I read they're calling it the battle of the David Dream-o and the David Emo. Then I saw this. Poor little ...gasp.. gasp... dude.

May 22 is the premiere to a fav show, followed by this relative newcomer in June. Both get me thinking I can do more and better- both dangerous concepts.

In other news, my long hair rocker son wants to buzz it all off. He used to wear it in a spiked up do.. then spent years growing it long and reveling in it- even last week donning a sumo wrestler ponytail. I think he'll be disappointed in a shorter cut, just like ALL the other times, but what can I do? It's his teen-aged head and from the way he was staring at the clippers last night I think he may end up doing it himself if I don't step in.
Any ideas?
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