Monday, August 18, 2008

Kidnapping can be funny. Right?

My husband likes dwell on his past.
My daughter likes to dress up in a dog suit I made for her brother.
I like to point out that the dog suit was made in 1998 and is still in good working order.
My son likes to convince his sister to do stupid things. "C'mon. It'll be fun!"
My daughter likes to please her brother more than she should.
My husband was a military Police officer who made some enemies.

That's why THIS SIGN
on the garage door when hubby came home from the gym caused him to go racing into the backyard in a panic.
( and yes, she had real duct tape on her mouth- with lips drawn like on Charlie's Angels- and rope from wrists to ankles- uh, yeah, it was 84 degrees)
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