Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anniversary Plans. Danger or Romance? You pick.

So, the past few years, children and finances willing, we've been taking turns surprising each other on the anniversary with an event- not a gift. I don't want THINGS. We did an overnight trip to NC, followed by whitewater rafting and later that year decided to celebrate our anniversary by Hang Gliding in Tennessee. The next year I chose a Porsche Cayman rental and luxury day out, then he booked a day of NASCAR driving last year. This year it's my turn.

He may be reading this, but I doubt it, so I won't be specific, but I am deciding between:

1. a romantic, unique overnight trip with outdoor activities*
2. a daytime daring adventure lasting an hour or so followed by dinner at exotic locale*
3. a roadtrip to more costly adventure*

Things he won't do
sky dive
amusement park rides

Things we don't do well together
wait in long lines

All ideas may include but not limited to:
flying airplanes, taking helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, Space adventure zero gravity, high rope laser tag competition, fly fishing, deep sea fishing, bungee jumping, cattle drive, dude ranch, ATV adventure. hunting, flight to major city for show/event, concert, art show, health resort spa-venture

Go on. Tell me what YOU would do. Tell me on my email though. If I can find it near me in Atlanta I'll book it... or even if it's not.
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