Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When a dog ages and you start to see the end.

I guess I was about 11 when my childhood dog died in his sleep. I must have stepped over his prone body in the doorway at least three times before anyone was willing to admit what we all knew to be true.
I don't remember what my dad did with Dusty, and now, as our family lab grows older and more arthritic, I can only hope the same peaceful passing is in his future.
It's nothing you want to think about, but something you have to accept- and prepare for. Sometimes aging brings on more than typical body difficulties, especially if the dog has existing medical issues, like our seizure-ridden big guy.
Kallahan, at almost 14, has developed Horner's Syndrome. The vet seems to think it will go away on its own, and we are treating the eye as best we can and boosting his supplements. He seems to be in no pain, and is functioning well.
It's a little creepy seeing that inner lid all the time, but we'll dress him up for Halloween like we always do. Maybe this year he could be a pirate?
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