Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good things about having your kid suspended from high school

Because I am a look-on-the-bright-side kind of gal, and because I read too many cop novels to know if I killed my son I'd get caught...

Here are a few good things that will come from my son getting a 3 day out of school suspension for provoking a bus driver-- a guy we have a bit of history with--don't ask.

1. Someone ELSE will be doing all my housework for 3 days
2. Every bit of bad boy's homework will be done correctly and checked twice
3. He will have extra time to prepare for his midterm exams
4. The house will be quieter without his computer, tv, ipod, playstation2, 3, DS and psp
5. My neglected yard will be weeded
6. My wheels will get shined
7. I will get to sleep in an extra 2 hours for 3 days
8. He will learn to play by the rules and to respect authority, in whatever dubious form it takes

on a lighter note, the freezer nights are going fine- only problem being bad boy had a gingivectomy at the ortho to expose some new teeth coming in yesterday afternoon and can't eat spicy, salty or difficult to chew stuff, so I had to break out the soup and noodles
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